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Last Day of school, June 9.  8th grade culmination at ELAC June 12.
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Vision & Goals


    Stevenson Middle School provides students the opportunity to maximize their potential, be college and career ready, and empowers them to strengthen their lives and community.

Stevenson Middle School
School-wide Initiatives
  1. School-wide Testing Campaign: The goal of the campaign is a 50-point API gain for the 2010-2011 school year. The campaign will concentrate on constructing a positive testing environment and using strategies to: motivate (pep rally, focus students, incentives/rewards and student activities), instruct (word of the week, release questions, mini study packets), and test taking skills and data analysis.
  2. College-Going Environment: Stevenson will foster a college going environment through: AVID, Save Me a Spot in College, The Pirate College Academy, STEM-UP, City Year, college t shirt days, college visits, college/career fairs, door decorating competitions, administration of the PSAT and counselor presentations, so that students gain a foundational knowledge of post secondary educational opportunities.
  3. School 2 Home Initiative: Instructional technology will be incorporated as a tool to differentiate instruction. Sixth and seventh grade students will all receive a laptop to use at school and take home. As a result, sixth and seventh grade students will use digital portfolios and participate in game day, and technology day. In addition, School 2 Home will allow class work and homework assignments to be in digital form.
  4. Discipline, Attendance, and Safety Committee: Focus on supporting and fostering a culture of academic excellence through monthly lessons around our expected school-wide behavior expectations and monthly celebrations of students’ attendance, with the goal of an increase in overall attendance to 98% and continue decreasing our suspension rates.
RTI provides strand specific intervention to all 6th grade students using a three-tiered model. SMS will continue to fully expand this model in 7th and 8th grade by 2011-2012. Ongoing assessment will drive the strand-based instruction of all RTI students.
Parent Involvement
The Family Action Team (FAT) will increase parental participation and engagement through: monthly parent meetings directly linked to student academic achievement, transition to middle and high school, college knowledge academy, UCLA Math Project.
SMS will be first in parent participation amongst PLAS schools through the tracking system. In addition, the building capacity experiences will provide parents leadership training to build a community of adult learners.